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✤ Happy Planner Undated

Inside the Happy Planner Undated, you'll be guided to plan to succeed in life and becoming a happier person. You will be encouraged to implement these strategies in your everyday life using your Happy Planner Undated.

The Happy Planner Undated has different sections that will encourage you to be consistent and guide you to be happy as a whole, and fulfilled, achieve self-awareness, master your habits and feelings, and create the life of your dream.

The Happy Planner Undated, You will enjoy these scientifically proven strategies to accomplish your life goals and be happy.

✤ The sections included are:

✅ A SCIENTIFIC APPROACH TO BLISSFUL HAPPINESS. Being depressed and unhappy really sucks let's change. Using scientific strategies you will discover yourselves, set and achieve goals, stay focused, stay positive, be more grateful, be motivated, reflect on life goals, stay healthy, and most importantly, it will help you learn how to truly love people no matter what by first loving yourself.

✅ GET A POSITIVE HAPPIER MINDSET - You have somewhere around 45,000 negative thoughts a day. Not just you — everyone does. That’s about 80% of all of your thoughts. How to break the habit. You will learn to start each day with a positive and exciting thought and to see the positive in every situation and integrate more of what makes you blissfully happy into your daily life.

✅ GET FULLY FOCUSED AND MORE PRODUCTIVE - "I'll get it done tomorrow" that's the enemy talking. Lack of focus is dangerous to our pursuit of being productive and achieving blissful happiness. Imagine being fully focused and productive on your life goals every single day. Get more done and feel better, every day!

✅ BETTER TIME MANAGEMENT - Every second wasted is life wasted, and that not who you want to be - a life waster. Using the Blissfully Happy Daily Planner with Monthly, Weekly, and Daily sections, you will be encouraged to set time and plan for better time management.

Inside the Blissfully Happy Planner and Journal

You will enjoy:

1. Intro
2. “Discover Yourself” Exercise
3. Monthly Health, Relationships, & Career Goals
4. Weekly Main Goals
5. Daily Dose of Positive Motivation
6. Daily Gratitude
7. Daily Dose of Inspirational
8. Daily Main Goals
9. Daily To-Dos
10. Daily Self-Reward
11. Exercise Reminder
12. Daily Meditation Reminder
13. Daily Diet & Hydration Plan
14. Daily Guilt-Free Relaxation
15. Daily Doodle and Notes
16. Weekly Reflection and Happiness Scale
17. Monthly Reflection
18. Seasonal Reflection
19. Year Calendar & Note Section

Pathway to Blissful Happiness

In our blissful happiness planner and journal, you will be guided in devising a plan to reach blissful happiness and to implement these techniques in your daily life.You will be provoked to discover yourself through questions such as:

1. What makes you blissfully happy?
2. What do you like about yourself?
3. How would others describe you?
4. To whom and what are you grateful for?
5. What are your strengths?
6. What are your lifetime goals?
7. Personal Reflection

Seasonal 3 month

Let’s focus on small goals. Short-term, seasonal goals are a great way to achieve our long-term goals a little bit at a time. New Year’s resolutions are overrated!

“An ounce of practice is worth tons of preaching.”- Mahatma Gandhi

How It's Made & How It Feels

All our products are designed in New York and made in San Francisco, California ensuring a high standard of quality.

High grain, soft-to-touch paper
15cm (width) x 23cm (height)
6” (width) x 9” (height)


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Beatific Happy Family

This planner is the perfect solution!
“The planner is also so beautiful, It suits the way I work, and I can see that quite a bit of effort has gone into making it easy, efficient and pleasant to use, So I love just having it out on my desk or bedside table, and getting it out to use every day- it really brings a lot of joy. First I love that it's motivational and inspirational. Makes you want to fill it out and continue planning your life for success.”
Lika D.( Los Angeles, CA )

Beatific Keso O. Replied - Hey Mari! Super glad to hear you love its beauty. We also love your beauty for having the courage and taking action to have your happiness be a priority! thanks, Charlotte and stay beatific as always.
This planner is the perfect solution!
“This planner using the Pomodoro Technique, which I have already been using, but it provides a way to track my hours and motivates me to stick to my work-flow and get things done! It has replaced my bullet journals and several online task lists. I love the weekly previews, and the built-in reminders to review my weekly and monthly goals (and aspirations) with intention.”
Isabella L.( Chicago, IL )

Beatific Gvan O. Replied - Hey Isabella! Thanks for the kind words Isabella! beatific is designed with a scientifically proven approach thanks for seeing the bigger picture :)
This planner is the perfect solution!
“Even the minor updates have been well thought out and have been useful. I absolutely love how my Productivity Planner has helped me understand my energy levels throughout the day. I must start with the critically important tasks, otherwise, I expend all my energy going down task rabbit holes. I'm getting the important things done. I will absolutely continue to use this planner.”
Sally L.( Houston, TX )

Beatific Keso O. Replied - Hey Sally! Thanks for being amazing! tracking is one of the important potions of the planner the more you understand yourself the easier it is to love yourself without being selfish :) The more you have the more you can give :) Thanks much Liam! Stay beatific.
It is an opportunity to change my life once and for all
"That day I ordered my happiness planner and have never looked back. Having that space at the beginning and end of every day to check in with me has improved my quality of like 10 fold. I am at the point now where I starve my distractions, keep my focus and starting to manifest things I have wanted to achieve for a while (losing weight, dream job, etc). Thank you, beatific happy planner. Your not just a tool but a way of life. If you all managed our happiness like this I'm sure the world be a better place.
Mari S. ( New York, NY )

Beatific Gvan M. Replied - Hi Mari! Thanks so much for the review! Love it that you are starving your distractions thats just amazing! We're sooooo happy to hear that you have found the right planner.
It is lovely presented eye-appealing and beautifully put together
"Just a suggestion a few positive stickers would be good, to get people going especially if they are stuck for words"
Sara N.( New York, NY )

Beatific Keso O. Replied - Hey Sara! Thank you for the beautiful uplifting words, we really worked hard coming up with a good looking planner. We are definitely looking into adding stickers thanks for your suggestion.
It's different
"I'm not used to something so involved, day to a page, or mid-year. It's all completely different from what I usually use... But then that was the point. This planner has genuinely changed my life in the way I approach each day."
Rosa M.( Phoenix, AZ )

Beatific Keso O. Replied - Hey Rosa! Love your name :) Thanks for sharing your life-changing experience and putting for much confidence in us, you have just made my morning :)
I am feeling more positive each day and I am able to live with more purpose.
“I feel like since I've finished college, I've been lost. But this planner is helping me shape my goals and future.”
Louisa S.( New York, NY )

Beatific Keso O. Replied - Hey Louisa! So great to hear you are getting your life together thank you for being part of beatific family! continue being focused you will definitely do amazing things in your life :)
The whole experience was perfect...
"So far It was more than I expected! The buying process, reception, and unboxing. I fell in love with it! I got finally my life together. Thank you for bringing this in my life and for the good service! ❤️ ops sorry the 4.9 is a mistake I meant 5 star but didn't know how to go back and correct it :)”
Ava H.( San Antonio, TX )

Beatific Keso O. Replied - Hello Ava! You are our number one priority thanks for being such an understanding human! you are amazing Ava and I'm super happy you are changing your life for the better! Keep up the great work.
I love this planner. I've spent years looking...
“I love this planner. I've spent years looking for a planner that helps me organize all aspects of my life. Personal, profession, fitness, diet, events, appointments, reminders, etc. This planner covers all of that plus the layout is logical and gives me a great overall outlook of my day, week, and month. Not to mention they're beautiful! Clears the mind, helps you focus and makes you get the things done that are important! Search for happiness in every day, it's there!”
Maya L.( San Antonio, TX )

Beatific Maya M. Replied - Hello Sophia! Thanks for such kind words :) you just made my day we are super happy you are putting happiness your first priority! Stay beatific Sophia!
I love this planner. I've spent years looking...
“The planner itself is stunning and I'm giving it as a gift that I know this person will LOVE! Best planner ever!!! For being a person that has struggled through mental illness and other struggles in life, this has helped me so much.”
Evelyn E.( San Diego, CA )

Beatific Keso O. Replied - Hey Evelyn! Thank you for being such a strong person and thank you for the uplifting kind we are here for you Evelyn. It was great talking to you! thank you for amazing positive energy!
I suffer from depression and having something like this...
“... allows me to see the struggles I've overcome, and see what goals I still need to reach for. It's like journaling but more organized. For anyone on the fence about buying The Beatific Happy Planner buy it, you won't be disappointed and it's money well spent! If you feel you want to get yourself mentally ready to take on the world I cannot recommend this planner enough!”
Mia D.( San Diego, CA )

Beatific Keso O. Replied - Hey Mia! Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, we are super happy the planner is helping you get your liftback. Stay beatific and amazing Mia!
This planner is the perfect solution!
“This planner is the perfect solution! I find myself using it for the perfect balance of productivity and personal goals and mood tracking. Every section is perfectly thought out and useful. Plus, there is still plenty of room on the margins to add your own things to track, for example, water intake or vitamins. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Plus, it is absolutely beautiful.”
Mia D.( Dallas, TX )

Beatific Keso O. Replied - Hey Mia! Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, we are super happy the planner is helping you get your liftback. Stay beatific and amazing Mia!
This planner is the perfect solution!
“This planner is the perfect solution! I find myself using it for the perfect balance of productivity and personal goals and mood tracking. Every section is perfectly thought out and useful. Plus, there is still plenty of room on the margins to add your own things to track, for example, water intake or vitamins. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Plus, it is absolutely beautiful.”
Emma T.( San Jose, CA )

Beatific Lucy O. Replied - Hey Emma! Super happy you are reaching your goals and staying productive. Stay strong Emma the future is yours :)
This planner is the perfect solution!
“I have anxiety and it is the perfect journal for me as it helps me plan not only my schedule but includes sections about 'meals' and 'what I hope for tomorrow' which really go help with 'planning happiness'. I love the discipline of it, the journal really helps me focus and put my thoughts in order, it helps me be a better, more positive person. Would highly recommend this planner to everyone 900%!”
Michael S.( San Francisco, CA )

Beatific Keso O. Replied - Hey Michael! Thanks for the positive energy we need more people like you :) Discipline is a big part of beatific planner thanks for pointing that out you are amazing Michael! Stay beatific!
This planner is the perfect solution!
“I received my planner and the pages were glued together, after notifying customer service, within less than a week I received a brand new planner no questions asked. I love the space for schedule without time slots. I love the checkbox to-do list. I love that it has space to write my meals and workouts so I can keep track of everything in one place. But I love more that it reminds me to be grateful. To find what was good in the day. I also love the end of the month review. I will buy this planner again and again many Thank from the FL.”
Olivia J.( Jacksonville, FL )

Beatific Keso O. Replied - Hey Olivia! It was lovely talking to you. I'm super happy we were able to serve you :) thanks for being so understanding. As you are grateful we are also very grateful for you! :) Stay beatific Olivia!